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Hotels Near Gatwick Airport

The Closest Hotels Onsite At Gatwick

Courtyard by Marriott 3*

BLOC Hotel Gatwick

YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport

Hilton London Gatwick Airport 4*

Hotels In Gatwick Airport

Hotel And Parking Gatwick

Gatwick Hotels With Parking Included

There are many different Hotels at Gatwick Airport to choose from to suit all preferences and budgets. Whether you are looking for a hotel onsite that is located inside the airport close to the North and South Terminals or a little further away, you will have plenty of choice.

This website is designed to provide you with the information you need to choose the right hotel near Gatwick International Airport for your visit. As well as providing relevant information about all the hotels and other accommodation close to Gatwick, we have tried to answer some of the most common and frequently asked question.

Tip: Gatwick Airport is a very busy airport with a large number of passengers passing through it each day and although it is possible to book a room at the airport when you arrive, it is always advisable to pre-book your hotel in advance. Pre-booking your hotel in advance will generally ensure you receive the best deals and will also guarantee you get the hotel of your choice.

Are There Hotels In Gatwick Airport

Yes, there are several hotels that are located onsite at Gatwick Airport and they all provide quick and convenient access to both North and South Terminals. However, as you can imagine, all these hotels have a much higher price than other hotels that are located further afield.

Why Choose A Hotel At Gatwick

There are many different reasons why passengers stay at one of the many hotels near Gatwick and everyone’s circumstances, preferences and budgets are different. However, staying at a hotel before or after a flight is popular with a large number of passengers arriving and departing from Gatwick. Whether you have a connecting flight the following day or simply have an onward journey to a destination in the UK, staying at a hotel after a flight will provide you with a comfortable way to freshen up, win down and get a good night’s sleep before your onward journey. If you are departing from Gatwick, then staying at a hotel close to the airport provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you are at the airport and can simply get up and make your way to the airport the following day. This eliminates and stress and worry about travelling to the airport and encountering any problems that may result in you missing your flight.

Which Hotels Are Inside Gatwick Airport

The hotels that are located inside Gatwick International Airport are The Hilton, Bloc and Yotelair. These hotels provide the most convenient places to stay at the airport, as they are located within the airport and allow you to walk out of the door and straight into the airport terminals.

Gatwick Airport Nearest Hotel

If you are wanting to find out which is the closest hotel to Gatwick Airport, there are actually 3 hotels that are located onsite inside the airport itself. The three hotels which are located onsite at the airport are: Bloc Hotel, Yotelair and Hampton By Hilton.

Hampton By Hilton: North Terminal

Bloc: South Terminal

Yotelair:South Terminal

Gatwick Airport Nearby Hotels

As well as several hotels being located onsite at the airport, there are a large number of hotels, apartment, bed and breakfast, hostels and guest hoses located near to Gatwick Airport.

Hotel With Parking

When you are looking for hotels near Gatwick Airport, there will be many hotels offering packages that have parking included. These will generally be a little higher priced but usually work out being good deals. Some of the hotels that offer parking will provide parking onsite at the hotel, whilst others may offer parking packages but you will be required to park your car at one of the car parks close to Gatwick airport. This means that you will drive to the hotel on the night of your stay and then drive to the car park on the day of your departure.

Gatwick Airport Hotels With Parking North Terminal

There are a number of hotels that are located close to the North Terminal that offer parking facilities. Most hotels that offer parking will either have an additional charge for parking your car at the hotel for the duration of your stay or will offer packages with parking included.

Gatwick Airport Hotels With Parking South Terminal

If you are departing from the South Terminal, you will obviously want to leave your car as close to the South Terminal as possible. Once again, like parking close to the North Terminal, there are hotels that offer packages with parking included.

Hotels Near Gatwick Airport With Shuttle Service

The majority of hotels that are located near Gatwick Airport are obviously not onsite and are actually located a mile or two from the airport itself. However, most of these hotels rely on business from passengers arriving at or departing from Gatwick and therefore are ready to cater for their guests. This means that the majority of hotels near the airport offer shuttle bus service to and from the airport. Some of these services are free of charge to guest but there are some that will charge their guests a small fee to use the shuttle bus service. If you book a hotel that is a little distance from the airport and require transfer to and from the airport to your chosen hotel, it is always advisable to check prior to booking as to whether or not it provides a free shuttle service.

Hotels Near Gatwick Airport With Spa

After a long flight or getting ready for a long flight, what better way to wind down or prepare yourself than, spending time pampering yourself in a spa. There are several hotels close to Gatwick International Airport with spa facilities. You can choose from a choice of 3, 4 or 5 star hotels and all located within 7 miles of the airport.